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Bookkeeping And Accounting Services


We assist small business owners or individuals in their financial & tax aspects. Business owners or individuals should be proactive rather than reactive in regards to their financial or tax positions and planning. That is how businesses grow steadily and thrive in long-term and avoid any set backs or unnecessary and costly mistakes. From accounting services, business formation to tax planning, the CPA Corner Inc. is by your side on your path. 

Accounting Services
Set Up A New Business 

From compilation, review or consolidation of financial data, we provide our best accounting & tax services to owners. Our services may include but not limited to transaction reclassification, reversing and adjusting entries in both Income & Balance Sheet Financial Statements. We provide accounting services, tax services and business & compliance advisory so business owners can focus to their operations. Ask us for payroll and bookkeeping services & advisory.


Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is one of the key factors for business success and long-term growth. It is a foundation for proper business tax preparation to report business income and expenses that are allowed by Accounting Standards and Tax Laws. We have helped many clients to set up and handle bookkeeping of their business for many years. With our full in house services, we handle your bookkeeping, advisory, business and personal taxes at one time. Contact our Firm for more details.   

We help business owners establish, cancel or dissolve California LLC, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Partnership, P-Corporation in compliance with Federal and California State requirements and regulations. For business owners who need to terminate, dissolve, add or modify their business structure at anytime we will help transform their businesses per your requests. 

Control Management

It is critical for businesses to have a strong control system of its operations to grow firmly. Internal controls are necessary procedures a business must have in place to safeguard its valuable assets and assure achievement of the organization's objectives. Internal controls may include but not limited to company policies to comply with regulations, data backup, embezzlement prevention, etc., We work with business owners to develop and strengthen system controls. 

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