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        Thank you for your interest in our Firm services. Your interest in our Firm services is important to us. No solicitation or any irrelevant questions or requests by anyone or entity are permitted. Please follow instructions and submit your online request with all information related to your Online Service Request. We will contact you for further details. Since no tax situation, IRS and Franchise Tax Board examinations, audits, back taxes, consultations or business situation is exactly the same, we do not provide a quote or fee without reviewing your taxes or records. Due to Covid-19, we have limited in-office appointments and recommend you submit requests with our Online Services to minimize physical meeting contacts. At this time, most of our services will be provided online with Client Account, Electronic Tax Deliveries, E-Signature services. We accept online payments. Your patience and understanding are appreciated!   

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Our Special Feature On-Line Services
  • You Are Provided With Client Account With 24/7 Access

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  • You Can Sign Forms With Our Firm E-Signature Services

  • You Can Pay Your Fee On-line With Credit Cards/E-Checks

  • You Can Keep Your Documents In Client Account

  • Communications Are By Phone, Emails, SMS Texting