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★★★★★ (D & T)
"Nick and his staff have been fabulous. They know the laws and fought hard for our 2 IRS Audits. They won both our audits saving us almost 100K in what the IRS was erroneously trying to say we owed. They will be doing all of our tax returns every year from now on to be sure we have everything in proper order. Much cheaper than a Tax Attorney! Highly recommend to anyone who is having issues with the IRS or just general tax returns."
★★★★★ (River L.)
"In one word, - Nick is amazing! His team and he did a great job for my 2016 Tax Preparations and 2015 IRS Tax Audit. I am very happy my friend recommend him to me. His profession working method gives me great impression. After he accepted my case, he had few meetings with IRS and he is one of the most trusted and respectful CPAs in this area. I strongly recommend him to my friends."

IRS Tax Audits & Collections


It is stressful, time-consuming and costly to receive letters or notices from the IRS or Franchise Tax Board Taxing Authorities. They may be an inquiry, examination, back taxes or audit. Taxpayers should be advised that tax audit and examination involve with complex and time-consuming processes and vary with each situation. The burden of gathering all information and respond correctly and promptly stays with taxpayers. Without tax law expertise and experiences, incorrect responses may cause the case unnecessarily more complex and lead to subsequent notices, audit, collections and lien. Prompt and effective responses of taxpayers are crucial. As successful IRS and FTB tax audit experts in hundreds of cases, we work and assist you with your case. You have a great confidence that your case is handled by our licensed & experienced Tax Audit Professionals. We represent you before the IRS and State Taxing Authorities. Let us unwind your stresses and headaches, discuss and resolve your issues with the IRS and FTB. Our licensed and experienced Tax Professionals will:

  • Contact, consult or meet you to review your case to advise suitable solutions. 

  • Represent you or your business before the IRS or State Taxing Authorities.

  • Work or meet with the IRS or State agents or officers to resolve your tax issues.

  • Keep you updated with every steps we have achieved in your case.


Rest assured, we are with you all the way. Tax Audits & Back Taxes are complex process.. During the process, you are informed by our team. The moment when we receive your request, we start the process due to your situation. When we accept your case, we will handle everything from A to Z for you.


★★★★★ (Simon Y.)
"We were recently audited by IRS and Nick was able to discuss with IRS and won the argument. He has saved us money and the headache to deal with the IRS."
★★★★★ (Jay A.)
"Nick and his team deserves more than just a 5 star. He is very efficient and thorough. He was able to answer all my questions and I feel confident in his knowledge with my IRS issues. He is straight to the point and honest. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a good CPA. Will continue doing business with him.."
★★★★★ (Joe D.)
Nick has been a wonderful tax accountant to work with. He helped me with a recent IRS situation and refiled the tax return with efficiency and accuracy. He is very professional in handling the case. Nick explained things to me very clearly in every step of the way and provided me peace of mind throughout the process. Definitely recommend him to anyone looking for someone to solve tax problems.
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