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1. Our online consultation requests do not constitute any Accountant-Client contract or agreement until a consultation engagement with our Firm is signed and a full service payment has been made.

2. We may not provide a fee quote estimate without knowing your situation and reviewing of your taxes or business documents. Our fee is based on type of consultations and the complexity of your situation. 

3. Clients should provide complete and correct information when submitting an online request.  

4. We provide in-office & phone advisory at this time. No solicitation or any other irrelevant questions or requests are allowed. We Only Reply To Legitimate Requests.

5. Your request will be reviewed and responded by our team in the order your request is received. Thank you for your patience & understanding!

6. We may not offer free Consultation & Advisory services. Refer to the Details of Our Advisory Services. 

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What Our Clients Say...

★★★★★  (Lois G.)

"Nick is good in accounting services and taxes! I have a couple businesses that require me to pay constant attention. Nick has been helping me to keep my books right on track each quarter. He advises me when some things look unusual in my book and reports. He kept me informed all the time. With his business advices, reviews and tax filings I feel confident because I know my business records and taxes are in good hands."

★★★★★  (Matsuda A.)

"Mr. Pham has helped my business that includes a couple restaurants for taxes and accounting services. He saved me thousands of dollars with his strategies. A knowledgeable professional along with effective and prompt responses."

★★★★★  (Jennifer K.)

"I went in to see Nick Pham at the CPA Corner after searching many CPA's in the area. Nick was courteous and informative over the phone so I agreed to pay a consultation fee to talk to him for an hour. Nick asked me many questions before starting the consultation to find out if he was the right fit for me before the session began. Although I only paid for an hour session but the session lasted 80 minutes. This has been the most helpful consultation I ever received to date while starting up my business. I will definitely be using his services for my business."

Your Online Service Request Is Submitted And Will Be Reviewed By Our Team. We Will Respond To You During Our Office Hours In The Order Of Your Request Is Received. Thank You For Your Patience & Understandings! 

★★★★★  (Roger J.)

"We got a great tax planning package. It is comprehensive and easy-to-read guidance for three-year plan. What we like the best is client summary for our quick overview. The bottom line is we are able to foresee the total estimated tax savings we can achieve in 3 years. Remarkable tools!."

★★★★★  (Kathy T.)

"I am impressed with Nick's knowledge. I had several consultations with him because I needed advices for my business decisions. Those are really tough that require professional opinion. I am glad I found Nick. With his advice, I feel more confident. He now becomes my business and tax advisor. Thank you." 

★★★★★  (Wanda T.)

"We have done tax and business consulting with Nick and can’t be happier with his expertise and professionalism. He not only delivers a great income tax advices with helpful guidance but also shows his caring to clients to make even our most difficult situations a good success."

★★★★★  (Daniel K.)

"I run a business that recently had some tax issues. Nick provided valuable advices and helped me resolve the situation. He was dedicated in his work and a great problem solver. Highly recommend him for his advisory services."

★★★★★  (Van T.)

"If you are looking for a CPA, do not hesitate to go to The CPA Corner. Nick helped us save much money and gave us great advice regarding our business taxes. He is professional and his knowledge in the matter is invaluable. Thank you for all your help."

★★★★★  (Donna R.)

"We converted our system to QuickBooks and The CPA Corner was able to help us set up our new accounting system. Data was transferred thoroughly, accurately in a timely manner. They provided great guidance after the set up. Without their help, we did not know how to handle the whole process effectively. Very good services!"

★★★★★  (Taniah J.)

"Nick is caring, responsive and knowledgeable in complicated tax advisory. With his strategic guidance, he helped us throughout our complex chaos. I highly recommend him, especially for anyone dealing with complicated tax matters"

★★★★★  (Greg B.)

"I really appreciated Nick's broad experience to save my tax liability and completely changed my tax situation. Without their helps I just did not know how to handle my case. His brilliant idea along with their team decent works make his Firm stand out from others"