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Various Options To Pay Tax Dues

If you owe taxes to the IRS or California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), you should submit tax payments after the IRS or Franchise Tax Board have accepted your e-filed tax returns to ensure your payments are properly applied to your tax returns. There are different ways to make tax payments as indicated below:

1. Direct Pay: Payment is withdrawn directly from your checking or saving account with no additional service fee. You need to set it up online through the IRS/FTB website. At your choice click Direct Pay below and follow the instructions on Taxing Authorities websites to complete your transactions. Keep a receipt for your records.



2. Debit Card or Credit Card: You can pay your tax due with certain debit cards, credit cards. There are additional bank fees for each type. Keep a receipt for your  




3. Check, Money Order, or Cashier’s Check: Make your check payable to “United States Treasury” or "Franchise Tax Board" and mail it along with your related payment voucher (provided within your tax return copy). Mailing address is listed on the payment voucher. Ensure to include your Social Security Number, Tax Year, and Tax Form on your payment. Keep receipts of all your check payments.

4. Electronic Funds Withdrawal: This option is offered only when you e-file your tax returns through tax professionals or self-prepared tax software. The tax due amount will be withdrawn directly from your checking or saving account on a scheduled day.

5. Payment Plan (Installment Payment Agreement): It is available to qualified taxpayers. There are additional processing fees from Taxing Authorities. Check below if you qualify this option for Federal and State taxes and learn how to apply for it. If you cannot set up online agreement, contact Taxing Authorities. 

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