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All Tax Preparation & Filings


Dealing with effective tax filings from a simple to a complex case is stressful due to many constant changes of new tax laws. We do understand your needs and will provide the quality services in any of your tax situations, from personal tax filings to business tax filings, trust or estate income taxes or gift tax filings. There is no substitute for our expertise! Leave your tax concerns for us. 


Our Comprehensive Income Taxes 


  • Federal & State(s) Personal Income Tax Filings

  • Federal & State(s) Business Income Tax Filings

  • Trust or Estate Income Tax Filings

  • Gift Tax Filings

IRS Tax Audit Resolution


It is stressful to receive notices from the IRS or State Taxing authorities. Their pressing letters or notices give taxpayers tight deadlines. The burden of gathering necessary information to resolve the audits stays with taxpayers. Without tax expertise and experience, ineffective responses may make the case unnecessarily more complex and lead to statutory collections. The impact is huge. As successful audit defenders in many cases, we help you in your audits. You will have a great confidence that your case is handled by our audit experts. Let our audit experts undo your stresses and relieve your tensions.


Tax Advisory & Planning

Whether you run a business or pursue a full-time career, you definitely need expert guidance when there are changes in your taxes, financial status. Advisory from our expert saves you time and money. We have dynamic strategies and years of experiences to help you make a right decision. Our private consultations are for your:


  • Individual and Business Tax Planning 


  • New or Existing Business Strategies

  • Business Accounting Issues

  • Personal and Business Tax Audits


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