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Trusted Tax Advisors

For any Tax, Audit, Advisory, Business, Bookkeeping, Estate & Trust planning, we are with you. You have consultations or planning advisory with our CPA, CAAs, EAs to assist you to achieve goals. Our Firm provided many years of tax consultations and planning advisory. Our dynamic services help you fulfill your goals. We have resolved and closed thousands of complicated tax, business, audit, and accounting situations with best results. There is no substitute for our expertise! Leave your tax and business concerns for us, your trusted advisor. From simple to complex cases, plannings or consultations include various types in which:


  • Your case is reviewed and analyzed  

  • You obtain best tax saving & solutions suitable to your preferences

  • Your questions will be answered from technical & practical perspectives

  • Your consultation or planning is customized and professional

  • Online or Onsite services    


Experience Our Expertise!  

Year Round With Experts  
  • CPA, Enrolled Agents, CAA, Accountants  

  • Best Business & Individual Taxes  

  • Business & Personal Tax Advisory 

  • IRS Audit Resolutions & IRS Back Taxes 

  • Best Financial Advisory For Business 

  • Best Tax Planning For Estates & Trusts

  • Year-Round Bookkeeping Services  

  • On-Line Or In-Office Tax/Audit/Advisory

  • 24/7 Client Account For Current Clients

  • 24/7 Access To Tax & Business Document

  • 24/7 Convenient Online Payment

  • E-Signature - E-Forms For Documents

Experience A Peace Of Mind! 

IRS Tax Audit & Collections
Best IRS Tax Audits & Back Taxes

The IRS collection process is a series of complex enforced actions to collect taxes from taxpayers. Tax collections are the result of, but not limited to, tax audits, examinations, back taxes, etc. The Agency has super powers within its authorities to collect tax debts. When taxpayers do not respond timely to IRS notices or tax payment deadlines have passed, the IRS may proceed with actions such as Collection, Intent to Levy or Seize Taxpayer's Property. Since each case is unique, upon receiving notices, we recommend taxpayers should not ignore them but instead contact us for assistance. From simple cases to complex cases, we will:

  • Contact you for tax solution advisory

  • Review IRS notices, tax documents and discuss your issues or situations 

  • Resolve your case with best suitable options and solutions

  • Defend your case, save time & taxes  

  • Your case consultation advisory is  customized and professional  

     Experience Our Services!    

Business Bookkeeping 
  • Customize Business Chart Of Accounts  

  • Categorize Income & Expense Flows   

  • General Ledger Transaction Postings 

  • Periodic Business Financial Statements 

  • Tax Strategies & Accounting Supports

  • Accounting Adjustments & Clean Up

  • Reconcile Bank & Credit Card Statement  

  • Bookkeeping Review & Advisory

  • 24/7 Access To Client Online Account

  • 24/7 Online Convenient Payments

  Experience Best Bookkeeping! 

Start Your Business 
  • Personal Assets & Wealth Protections

  • Own Your California Business

  • Earn Your Business Income

  • LLCs, Partnerships, C-Corporations

  • New Business Guidance

  • Tax Requirements & Regulations 

  • Best Advisory For New Business 

  • Bookkeeping For New Business 

  • Tax Filings For Business Owners  

  • Accounting For New Business

      Earn More Business Income! 

Accounting/Business Service
  • Accounting For Business Operations  

  • Accounting For Litigation Valuations

  • Accounting For Divorce Assets 

  • Accounting For 1031 Exchange

  • Bookkeeping Review For Tax Savings 

  • Family Full Budgeting & Planning 

  • ITIN Services For Non-Residents 

  • Advisory For Business Non-Residents 

  • 24/7 Online Access To Tax Documents

  • 24/7 Online Convenient Payments

 Experience Specialized Services!

Thank You For Your Interest In Our Firm 

Individual & Business Tax - IRS Audit - Advisory - Estate & Trust - Bookkeeping - Accounting 

You Obtain Multiple Services With Us. Experience Our Expertise!

Income Tax Amendments
Income Tax Amendments
  • Work Directly With CPA, EA, CAA

  • Individual Tax Amendments

  • Business Tax Amendments

  • One Year Or Multiple Years

  • From Simple To Complex Cases

  • We Take Care From A-Z

  • Online Or Onsite Process

  • 24/7 Online Convenient Payments


Retirement Tax Planning
  • Work With CPA, EA, CAA

  • Personal Retirement Tax Planning

  • Business Owner Retirement Tax Planning

  • Minimize Current And/Or Future Taxes

  • Various Path Ways To Save Taxes

  • Increase Allowable Tax Deductions

  • Online Or Onsite Planning

  • 24/7 Online Convenient Payments

Tax & Audit Representation
Tax & Audit Representation
  • Work Directly With CPA, EA, CAA   

  • Tax & Audit Representations - Personal

  • Tax & Audit Representations - Business

  • We Take Care From A-Z

  • Various Ways Offered For Representation

  • From Simple To Complex Cases

  • Onsite Representations

  • 24/7 Online Convenient Payments

What Our Clients Say...

★★★★★ (Tom E.)

"Professional, courteous and informative. Nick is busy, but that is because he takes his time reviewing everything to make sure he did cover everything. I would take that over other accountants that are quick just to rush us out the door. If you have a chance to work with Nick, you won't get a better service anywhere else!"

★★★★★ (Mustafa A.)

"The CPA Corner, Inc. helped us resolve our complicated tax situation spanning over three years & dealing with numerous errors relating to my job relocation and home sales in two states. They're extremely responsive!"

★★★★★ (Anne C.)

"We got a big problem from IRS audit when we moved to Irvine this July. I need a very good accountant to resolve the issue. I checked on line and found Nick. He has good customer reviews and is an expert in IRS audit case. Our case is complicated because it involved previous accountant mistakes, our different responses to IRS in different tax years. I met with Nick and discussed our case. He spent a lot of time to study and accepted our case. I went to his office many times to discuss it. He also represented us to call IRS to communicate and figure out a better way to appeal our case. When the IRS rejected our first appeal, he didn't give up. He discussed with us and called the IRS again. He decided to do the amended appeal. Finally, we won the case after 5 months fighting back! If it were not helped by Nick, we would pay a huge tax and penalty and accumulate bigger problem later. He saved us money from back taxes and his fee was reasonable. Most importantly, he saved us from IRS stressful audit in a big favor!".

★★★★★ (Peete W.)

"Thank you Nick, Tina and the whole team to get large tax withholding refunds for our family from selling our properties in the US. It is worth the time to wait we finally get all our money back plus interest from the IRS and California. Thank you very much. You are the best CPA in town!"

★★★★★ (Aki K.)

"With a recent IRS notice, I needed help and found The CPA Corner from a friend's referral and I am happy that I did find Mr. Pham. Nick is professional, genuine, and honest. He answered all of my questions and concerns about the case, making sure I understood everything for the whole process. I felt very comfortable with his experience, skills and knowledge. A sharp audit defender with detailed works, step by step. He made the process a painless one. His audit fee was so reasonable!"

★★★★★ (D & T.)

Nick and his staff have been fabulous. They know the laws and fought hard for our 2 IRS Audits. They won both our audits saving us over 100K in what the IRS was erroneously trying to say we owed. They will be doing all of our tax returns every year from now on to be sure we have everything in proper order. Much cheaper than a Tax Attorney! Highly recommend to anyone who is having issues with the IRS or just general tax returns."

★★★★★ (Lois G.)

"Nick is good in accounting services and taxes! I have a couple businesses that require me to pay constant attention. Nick has been helping me to keep my books right on track each quarter. He advises me when some things look unusual in my book and reports. He kept me informed all the time. With his business advices, reviews and tax filings I feel confident because I know my business records and taxes are in good hands."

★★★★★ (Jay A.)

"Nick and his team deserve more than just a 5 star. He is very efficient and thorough. He was able to answer all my questions and I feel confident in his knowledge with my IRS issues. He goes straight to the point and is honest. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a good CPA. Will continue doing business with him."

★★★★★ (Judy F.)

"As a small business owner, I'm in need of a trusted and skillful CPA who is able to help me with my business taxes and sort out well my financial stuffs. Nick is the one I am looking for. He makes time for me and listens. He gives valuable advice. I highly recommend him. His team is a wonderful one."

★★★★★ (Kathy T.)

"I am impressed with Nick's knowledge. I had several consultations with him because I needed advices for my business decisions. Those are really tough that require professional opinion. I am glad I found Nick. With his advice, I feel more confident. He now becomes my business and tax advisor. Thank you." 

★★★★★ (Jennifer K.)

"I went in to see Nick Pham at the CPA Corner after searching many CPA's in the area. Nick was courteous and informative over the phone so I agreed to pay a consultation fee to talk to him for an hour. Nick asked me many questions before starting the consultation to find out if he was the right fit for me before the session began. Although I only paid for an hour session but the session lasted 80 minutes. This has been the most helpful consultation I ever received to date while starting up my business. I will definitely be using his services for my business."

★★★★★ (Ronette G.)

"I feel great relief after over 8 months back and forth with the IRS, my case is closed. The case could have been avoided if my previous tax accountant had done the right job. When I received the notice, the amount shocked me. Not know what to do, I called my previous accountant many times but his office was closed. Thanks to a friend of mine, I was referred to Nick. Nick met me and learned about my case. He explained why I had the audit and pointed out the errors. He then represented me to contact the IRS. His good audit experience and proposed solution finally calmed me down. Many things happened during this time and my life was not easy at all with the haunting audit. Nick finally helped me close the case and saved me a great deal. His performance and attitude exceeded my expectations. He is a highly trusted CPA that I recommend!"

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