Your Trusted Tax Advisor
Your Trusted Tax Advisor

Tax Year 2021 and subsequent tax years are expected to become more complicated with many tax law changes in accordance with latest legislative Acts. They will certainly affect taxpayers, directly or indirectly. When you got a situation in taxes, business, tax audits, or accounting, our in-depth expertise and dynamic experiences will relieve your concerns. You will have a private consultation and advisory session with our CPA or our tax professionals to assist you to resolve your issues. Our Firm provides all types of personal and business income tax, tax audits, accounting, bookkeeping services or tax planning. We do not just provide advisory but fulfill your needs with our best services to help you achieve your goals. We have resolved and closed hundreds of complicated tax, business, audit, and accounting situations with best results. When you are in need, contact us and we work with you. 

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  • Team Of CPA, CAA & Enrolled Agent  

  • Full-Service Business & Personal Taxes  

  • Business & Personal Tax Advisory 

  • IRS Audit Resolutions & IRS Back Taxes 

  • Best Advisory For Business & Personal

  • Best Business Compliance For Owners

  • Bookkeeping And Accounting Services  

  • 24/7 Client Account For Existing Clients

  • 24/7 Online Access To Tax Documents

  • E-Signature Services To Sign Tax Forms

  • On-Line Or On-Site Tax/Audit/Advisory

  • Convenient Online Service Payments

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Tax Audits & Back Taxes  
IRS Tax Audits

The IRS collection process is a series of complex actions that the IRS can proceed to collect taxes from taxpayers. Tax collections are the result of, but not limited to, tax audits, examinations, back taxes, etc. The Agency has a super power, almost unlimited, to do everything within its authorities to collect tax debts. Per IRS Publication 594, when taxpayers do not respond timely to IRS notices or satisfy the IRS questions or demands or tax payment deadlines have passed, the IRS may proceed with following actions such as Notice of Intent to Levy or Seize Taxpayer's Property, Notice of Federal Tax Lien of Taxpayer's Property, Notice of Levy on Taxpayer State Tax Refunds, etc., The IRS may proceed to Federal Tax Courts in serious tax cases. California FTB Taxing Authorities may suspend taxpayer businesses to enforce state tax collections from business owners if they do not comply with State laws.

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Full Bookkeeping Services
  • Set Up Standard Chart Of Accounts  

  • Categorize Income & Expense Flows   

  • General Ledger Transaction Postings 

  • Monthly/Quarterly Financial Statements

  • Tax Strategies & Technical Accounting

  • Accounting Adjustments & Clean Up

  • Reconcile Bank & Credit Card Statement  

  • 24/7 Access To Client Online Account

  • Bookkeeping Review & Advisory

  • Convenient Online Service Payments

  Shape Up Your Business Book 

Forming A New Business 
  • Personal Assets & Wealth Protection

  • Own Your Registered & Legal Businesses 

  • Establish California LLC Or Partnership

  • Establish California C-Corporation 

  • Register With Federal & California State 

  • Guidance On Business Requirements 

  • Tax Advisory & Planning For Business (*)

  • Bookkeeping/Tax Filings For Business (*)

  • 24/7 Access To Client Online Account

  • Convenient Online Service Payments


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Accounting/Business Services  
  • Various Accounting & Business Services  

  • Accounting Compilation Services 

  • Bookkeeping Review Services

  • Business Internal Control Advisory 

  • Other Business Services

  • ITIN & FIRPTA Service For Non-Resident

  • Personal Advisory For Non-Residents

  • Business Advisory For Non-Residents 

  • 24/7 Online Access To Tax Documents

  • Convenient Online Service Payments


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