Your Trusted Tax Advisor
Your Trusted Tax Advisor

Tax Season 2021 is one of the most complicated and challenging tax seasons in decades, even for tax professionals. With CARES Act and Consolidated Appropriations Act and subsequent American Rescue Plan Act with retroactive tax propositions back to Tax Year 2020, how business owners report their tax returns properly for PPP Loans & EIDL Loans & PPP Forgiveness may help them file their business taxes effectively and prevent potential future audits. With tax law retroactive changes, differences between books and tax returns, various Federal & State different tax treatments, even personal income taxes now become a challenge. Our dynamic expertise plus experience will relieve your business or personal tax concerns. We do not just fulfill your tax needs but guide you through with advice and guidance. We have helped & resolved various complicated tax & audit situations with practical planning. When you are in need, we are by your side.

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  • Team Of CPA, CAA & Enrolled Agent  

  • Full-Service Business & Personal Taxes  

  • Business & Personal Tax Advisory 

  • IRS Audit Resolutions & IRS Back Taxes 

  • Best Advisory For Business & Personal

  • Best Business Compliance For Owners

  • Business And Accounting Services  

  • 24/7 Client Account For Existing Clients

  • 24/7 Online Access To Tax Documents

  • E-Signature Services To Sign Tax Forms

  • On-Line Or On-Site Tax/Audit/Advisory

  • Convenient Online Service Payments

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Tax Audits & Back Taxes  
IRS Tax Audits

The IRS collection process is a series of complex actions that the IRS can proceed to collect taxes from taxpayers. Tax collections are the result of, but not limited to, tax audits, examinations, back taxes, etc. The Agency has a super power, almost unlimited, to do everything within its authorities to collect tax debts. Per IRS Publication 594, when taxpayers do not respond timely to IRS notices or satisfy the IRS questions or demands or tax payment deadlines have passed, the IRS may proceed with following actions such as Notice of Intent to Levy or Seize Taxpayer's Property, Notice of Federal Tax Lien of Taxpayer's Property, Notice of Levy on Taxpayer State Tax Refunds... 

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  1. Advisory For Personal & Business Taxes

  2. Private Advisory For Complex Tax Cases

  3. Private Advisory For IRS Tax Audit Cases

  4. Private Advisory For IRS/FTB Back Taxes

  5. You Are Guided By Tax Laws & Options

  6. Your Business Concerns Are Answered

  7. Your Questions Are Answered.

  8. Your Consultation Is Privately Tailored     

  1. IRS Audit Advisory And Resolutions 

  2. FTB Audit Advisory And Resolutions

  3. IRS & FTB Back Taxes & Collections

  4. We Contact You At Your Earliest Time

  5. We Represent You Before Tax Authorities

  6. We Work With The IRS & CA FTB

  7. We Handle Your Audit Cases A To Z

  8. We Keep You Updated Each Step We Have Achieved In Your Case     

We Hope You & Your Family Stay Safe & Well-Prepared During This Difficult Time!