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IRS/FTB Tax Collections And Audits  

Online Services Terms & Conditions:

1. Our online audit service requests do not constitute any accountant-client contract until tax representation engagements with our Firm are signed and service deposit payment has been made.

2. We may not provide a quote without reviewing your taxes & audit documents because audit cases are unique and vary from case to case. 

3. Clients should provide complete and correct information when submitting an audit request.  

4. We currently provide online and in-office tax audit. No solicitation or any other irrelevant questions or requests are allowed. 

5. Your request will be reviewed and responded by our team in the order your request is received. Thank you for your patience & understanding!    

What Our Clients Say...

★★★★★ (Ronette G.)

"I feel great relief after over 8 months back and forth with the IRS, my case is closed. The case could have been avoided if my previous tax accountant had done the right job. When I received the notice, the amount shocked me. Not know what to do, I called my previous accountant many times but his office was closed. Thanks to a friend of mine, I was referred to Nick. Nick met me and learned about my case. He explained why I had the audit and pointed out the errors. He then represented me to contact the IRS. His good audit experience and proposed solution finally calmed me down. Many things happened during this time and my life was not easy at all with the haunting audit. Nick finally helped me close the case and saved me a great deal. His performance and attitude exceeded my expectations. He is a highly trusted CPA that I recommend!"

★★★★★ (Chris S.)

"The CPA Corner and Mr. Pham saved me from a very scary situation. Nick was very accommodating, knowledgeable, but most importantly very honest. He tells you exactly what you need to know and what needs to be done for the best outcome in your situation, whether it is your tax filing services or any audit situations. I am so grateful to have found Nick and will continue to use his services for years to come."

★★★★★ (Aki K.)

"With a recent IRS notice, I needed help and found The CPA Corner from a friend's referral and I am happy that I did find Mr. Pham. Nick is professional, genuine, and honest. He answered all of my questions and concerns about the case, making sure I understood everything for the whole process. I felt very comfortable with his experience, skills and knowledge. A sharp audit defender with detailed works, step by step. He made the process a painless one. His audit fee was so reasonable!"

★★★★★ (Simon Y.)

"We were recently audited by IRS and Nick was able to discuss with the IRS and won the argument. He has saved us a lot of money and the headache to deal with the IRS"

★★★★★ (Brenda J.)

"We experienced an excellent IRS audit representation with Nick and his team. He is a great audit expert who has helped us in our tough case. Very helpful, knowledgeable CPA who responds quickly to any of our concerns or questions. We are grateful to find him to handle our challenging audit. He resolved our case and gave us many valuable advices we can find nowhere else."

Please Do Not Submit Same Request More Than One Time. Thank You.

★★★★★ (Min H.)

"Over a year ago, we sold a house and bought a new one. We filed our taxes for the event with a tax professional. Everything went well until we received the IRS notice. We asked our tax preparer to handle our case and she did. A few months after, we were shocked with other IRS letters requesting a huge tax payment. We felt hopeless. When the deadline came closer, we called tax lawyers, CPAs everywhere for helps. We’re lucky to have found Nick by a friend referral. He promptly met us the following day. Nick is extremely knowledgeable CPA with extensive IRS audit skills to deal with complex tax situations. He’s nice and professional that made us feel more confident. His fee was quite reasonable than what we got from others. After 3 months our case was closed with all the tax burden off our shoulders. We couldn’t have any other better service anywhere else. Smart and prompt, Mr. Pham is everything we would want out of the best tax professional."

★★★★★ (D & T.)

Nick and his staff have been fabulous. They know the laws and fought hard for our 2 IRS Audits. They won both our audits saving us over 100K in what the IRS was erroneously trying to say we owed. They will be doing all of our tax returns every year from now on to be sure we have everything in proper order. Much cheaper than a Tax Attorney! Highly recommend to anyone who is having issues with the IRS or just general tax returns."

★★★★★ (Anne C.)

"We got a big problem from IRS audit when we moved to Irvine this July. I need a very good accountant to resolve the issue. I checked on line and found Nick. He has good customer reviews and is a expert in IRS audit case. Our case is complicated because it involved previous accountant mistakes, our different responses to IRS in different tax years. I met with Nick and discussed our case. He spent a lot of time to study and accepted our case. I went to his office many times to discuss it. He also represented us to call IRS to communicate and figure out a better way to appeal our case. When the IRS rejected our first appeal, he didn't give up. He discussed with us and called the IRS again. He decided to do the amended appeal. Finally, we won the case after 5 months fighting back! If it were not helped by Nick, we would pay a huge tax and penalty and accumulate bigger problem later. He saved us money from back taxes and his fee was reasonable. Most importantly, he saved us from IRS stressful audit in a big favor!".

★★★★★ (Joe D.)

"Nick has been a wonderful tax accountant to work with. He helped me with a recent IRS situation and refiled the tax return with efficiency and accuracy. He is very professional in handling the case. Nick explained things to me very clearly in every step of the way and provided me peace of mind throughout the process. Definitely recommend him to anyone looking for someone to solve tax problems."

★★★★★ (Jay A.)

"Nick and his team deserve more than just a 5 star. He is very efficient and thorough. He was able to answer all my questions and I feel confident in his knowledge with my IRS issues. He goes straight to the point and is honest. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a good CPA. Will continue doing business with him."

★★★★★ (River L.)

"In one word, Nick is amazing! His team and he did a great job for my 2016 Tax Preparations and 2015 IRS Tax Audit. I am very happy my friend recommend him to me. His profession working method gives me great impression. After he accepted my case, he had few meetings with the IRS and he is one of the most trusted and respectful CPAs in this area. I strongly recommend him to my friends."

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