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Company Policies, Terms And Conditions

Firm Policies, Terms & Conditions Of Using The CPA Corner, Inc. Website Or Services

Disclaimer 1. Disclaimer of Rendering of Services or Advice
The information contained within The CPA Corner, Inc. Website and its authorized social media by The CPA Corner, Inc. is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to solicitate or substitute for obtaining an agreed business or personal, accounting, tax, planning, financial, legal service or advisory from certified professionals. The information presented throughout this Website and its social media, if any is not intended to create, and receipt of any communication does not constitute an Accountant-Client contract. Our provided Online Client Account services to anyone are effective only after clients are engaged with our Firm services, their payment(s) or deposit(s) are fully made and the clients maintain active regularly as existing clients of our Firm. We reserve the right to refuse our answers or s
ervices to anyone, any entity or any requests if we believe the service requests are for solicitations or may not be in our practice or expertise areas, irrelevant, illegal or not authorized by any Federal and related State tax laws, requirements or regulations. We reserve the right, at any time, to disable or close Online Client Portal Account without any notice from our system when we believe any client is no longer our current active client or does not pay for our services or client has abused our Online Account or client usage of our Online Account has caused any security issue to our system or client usage of our Online Account has caused any of our operational disruption. Any online readers of our Website are advised not to act upon the presented Website information or images herein without seeking actual advice & services of licensed professionals. 

Disclaimer 2. Disclaimer of Accuracy of Information
Due to the constant changes of technologies, accounting, tax laws
, requirements, regulations and others from both the Federal and any States, while we use reasonable efforts to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we do not warrant and we are not responsible for any information contained herein or made available throughout The CPA Corner, Inc. Website is accurate, or complete, or reliable, or up-to-date or error-free. In addition, the 2020 Government CARES Acts and any subsequent legislative Acts may be not applicable partially or in whole at some time or change with new Federal & State tax law or publications at anytime which are out of our control or management. We assume no liabilities or any responsibilities for any particular case results or errors or omissions in the content of this Website of its such material or communication changes. Taxpayers should be aware that State tax laws may or may not comply with Federal tax laws in some specified areas or topics. 

Disclaimer 3. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liability
The CPA Corner, Inc. website is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. Readers use this website at their own risk. Our Firm, Partners or Staffs and our authorized and approved Social Media disclaim any and all warranties. Neither we, our partner, our staff nor our authorized and approved social media, if any, shall be liable for any dama
ges of any kinds with your usage of this Website. Since each tax/audit/advisory/bookkeeping/accounting/business case is unique and not similar to other cases, our past successes in prior client cases posted on our website, social media reviews or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your cases.  

Disclaimer 4. Disclaimer of Pictures/Images/Videos or Links to Third Party Websites
For reader's convenience and illustrations, The CPA Corner, Inc. website and its social media may contain images or pictures or video or hyperlinks to websites and servers maintained by any third parties. We do
not control, evaluate, endorse or guarantee the contents or securities found in those sites or websites. The images/pictures/videos on our website are for representational and illustrational purposes only. These images/pictures/videos may not represent actual people, staff or pictures within our Firm. We do not assume any responsibility or liability for actions, potential viruses, products, services and contents of our images, links to other websites or other parties that operate them. Please be advised that your usage of such websites is entirely at your own risk.


Disclaimer 5. Disclaimer of Other Website Scammers

The CPA Corner, Inc. advises everyone who looks for our professional tax/audit/advisory/accounting/bookkeeping services must watch out for any potential scammer websites or any links that want to take advantage of anyone. They have pretended to represent our Firm to sell our services including but not limited to gift cards or appointment bookings or anything else of our services including tax, audit or advisory or accounting or bookkeeping to gain advantage of anyone. Be aware those unauthorized services or links may be scammers! Our Firm does not have Facebook, never sells any services, gift cards directly or indirectly to anyone by links or via any third parties or entities. We are not liable in any forms or formats to any money or properties that you have potentially lost or believe that you have lost to those scammers or links because of your actions. Please contact our Firm directly at (949) 387-4321 or talk directly to our staff if you want to engage any professional services with our Firm. We do not have any middleman or any other third parties or companies to sell our services on behalf of our Firm.

Firm Policies, Privacy, Information, Applicable Fees And Client Responsibilities


Section 1. If you are our clients, your privacy is just as important to us as our ability to provide you with quality tax/audit/advisory services. Required by law, The CPA Corner, Inc. has always protected your right of privacy and confidentiality of your personal information and data at the highest possible professional standards. We are committed to maintaining extensive internal controls and rigorous privacy standards and policies to ensure security of your information. Tax law requires your consents when you submit or upload your private information or documents to our Firm website so we can access your tax or financial situations per any of your requested services. You have agreed to allow our Firm to use your uploaded information or documents to conduct our review services. We maintain strictly and do not distribute or sell your uploaded information or documents. Your uploaded information or documents will be discarded, will not be recovered or returned if they are not allowed to upload by our team or they do not pass our security system or if your case is closed or you do not engage with our Firm for any continuing services.

General Contacts, Communications, Online Accounts And Applicable Fees. Due to security and confidential information protection of each of our old, existing and potential clients, our Firm only contact and communicate with the primary client who signs our Firm Engagement Agreements as the primary taxpayer. We do not discuss or contact or communicate with any other third party, entity or person who asks or requests for information of our clients, unless they have a signed and legitimate power of attorney and/or authorized by legitimate taxing authorities or valid law enforcement agencies. Our Firm does not respond to anyone, entities, or parties who have put request(s) for services using our Website for their solicitations in any forms or formats. Our Firm may not respond to anyone, entities, or parties who use our Website to request any services or any irrelevant questions or topics outside of our professional service scopes, expertise or practice areas.


Section 2. In order to provide our clients with professional needs and to comply with other professional guidelines, we may maintain client personal records within a maximum of 1 year from the date of engagement. We have continuously safeguarded all electronic and physical sources and procedures in place to protect these records and ensure they are only accessed internally on an 'as-needed' basis. Client account personal data and communication are protected with high-technology encryption. Since emails are not safe, we do not recommend clients to email to us any personal or confidential information. Our clients’ personal information is never released to anyone without their written authorization, and we do not disclose nonpublic personal information about our clients or former clients to anyone except as requested by law authorities. 

Section 3. It is your responsibility to review and acknowledge this Privacy Policy and our Firm Policies and Terms prior to providing or uploading your personal data to us. We may use cookies for our Firm management. In addition, you should agree to our Firm Policies, Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept and agree to our Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions. please refrain from providing your personal data to us, accessing our websites, and/or utilizing our services. Our Firm reserves the right to refuse any requested services to anyone or any entity at anytime if we strongly believe the requested services are for solicitations or irrelevant or illegal or not authorized by existing tax laws or government requirements or regulations or the requested service are not in our practice areas. Since our Online Accounts or Portals are the proprietor of The CPA Corner, Inc. and are only intended for our existing clients, we reserve the right to close or disable or archive our past or current client accounts at anytime without any further notice if we believe these clients are no longer our active or current clients or these clients violate our Firm Terms & Policies. Any Online Account that is longer than the maximum of 90 days old without any existing or current services with our Firm will be archived. Please do not use Online Account as your icloud to store your data. 

Section 4. Professional Service Surveys or Reviews. Our Firm service surveys or reviews on any social media such as Google, Yelp, Yahoo, etc., are for our real clients who have completely finished and experienced our rendered service(s). You are not allowed to publish any untrue or fabricated reviews about or against our Firm, Partners or Staff if you are not our real individual clients, or real entity clients. You are also prohibited as any competitors to write any untrue or fabricated reviews about us, against us per the Unfair Practice Competition by Federal Trade Commission. Since any reviews of our clients about our services are public, our Firm may use some of them on our Website. At anytime we find out anyone or any entity violation(s), our Legal Team and Technical Team will pursue legal actions.    

Section 5. Due to Covid-19 Pandemic occurring in 2020 and may continue at any subsequent years at anytime and other natural disasters, wars or unforeseeable local or national events or incidents , we may have to close our office at anytime temporarily without further notices due to Federal or State or County restrictions or to protect the safety, security and health for both clients and our staff. However, in this situation, we may continue providing our services to clients with our On-Line services with client accounts, phone calls or all of our other electronic methods to avoid physical contacts. We reserve the right, at any time, to reschedule your in-office appointment to on-line appointment due to the safety, security and health protection of clients and our partners or staffs. We still welcome clients for limited in-office appointments. Thank you for your understanding.

Section 6. When you, as any individual, or any organization, entity, or any organization & entity representative and/or owner using our Firm Website or any of our Firm services, online or in-office as potential client or returning clients, you are required to comply with our Firm policies, terms, conditions and applicable fees when and where applicable. Please be advised we do not provide free services. The time we spend on any of your service request(s), either reviewing your documents or discussions or advisory of your request should be compensated to our Staff or Partner(s). There will be a minimum applicable based fee of $385 per each Tax Year or each time to be charged or invoiced to you when you agree either verbally, or in writing in email communications or written agreement to engage with our Firm to provide any service to you and we have spent time to communicate with you either by phone or email(s) and set up your online Account or prepare any Document or Estimated Fee or Engagement Agreement(s) but at anytime later you change your mind not to proceed with your service request. The minimum applicable fee of $385 is compensated to our Staff or Partner(s) time to discuss, communicate verbally or by emails to you, or prepare any Document or Estimated Fee or Engagement Agreement(s) for you. If you have made any deposit(s) with our Firm with or without your signed fee estimate or any requested service based on verbal or written communication with our Partner or Staff and later change your mind not to proceed or to cancel it or do not respond to our email reminders at least 2 times, the deposit(s) is/are nonrefundable. The deposit(s) will be applied as a partial credit, if there is any remaining balance (After deducting $385 fee above plus our time on your case) to your next service with our Firm within 6 months after the date of original deposit. We will work with our Collection Agency and Legal Team to invoice and collect any applicable fee if you have any remaining fee balance at any time until all requested payments are fully paid. Please be advised the applicable fee to be invoiced or charged may be higher per the total time our Firm has spent on your case without being compensated.

Section 7. Our Firm Proprietor Properties. All the worksheets, guidance or any documents or Client Portal or digital services in any forms or formats that we have provided to you to guide or help you in accordance to our engagement agreement(s) to complete our services are the proprietor properties or assets of our Firm. In any circumstances, you are prohibited to copy our technical or expertise skills, re-use, mail, e-file, distribute, exchange to anyone or organizations, or post them in any forms or formats at any time to any social media such as Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, etc., You are prohibited to copy our skills or expertise, use, submit, mail, e-file any of our taxes or any our rendered services or documents or products without paying in full our rendered services for our compensation. At any violation of our proprietor property or any violation of using our delivered taxes or documents or services without paying in full for our compensation for our rendered services, our Legal Team and Collection Agency will pursue legal actions to collect your debt. We will contact, report your violations to Federal, State Law Enforcement Agencies and Taxing Agencies. We apply all means and methods to collect unpaid fee or balance due including interests and all applicable fees.   

Section 8. Once again, with Federal and State tax laws, procedures, requirements, regulations and technologies constantly change at any time, our Websites and services may not be updated in time. Our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions may also change at anytime with our rights and our copyrights without further notices. Please be advised that each time you access or use our websites or otherwise engage with our Firm, you must be legally over 21 years old and you must accept and agree to our Firm Policies, Terms & Conditions herein, our Engagement Agreements, and our Website Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to be aware of and accept such changes and our policies.

As reader(s) of this website, I/We have read, understood, agreed and accepted The CPA Corner, Inc. policies all All Terms & Conditions above before using The CPA Corner, Inc Website and/or other related All Terms & Conditions or policies in various Engagement Agreements provided by the Firm if I/We have planned, have been engaging, or will engage with any services of The CPA Corner, Inc.   

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