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Check IRS Or FTB Tax Refunds


If you do not owe back taxes or have any tax issues with the IRS & California Franchise Tax Board or other State Taxing Authorities and you have filed your taxes completely, timely and accurately, your may receive tax refunds from six to eight weeks after your tax returns are received by the IRS & Franchise Tax Board or from other State Taxing Authorities. If your returns are e-filed with electronic deposit requests with your correct bank routing and account number(s), your refunds should be issued between four to six weeks. Sometimes the Federal and California or other State tax refunds may take longer than usual. Please be advised if you have back tax issues or did not file taxes in prior years when you had any income that was required by laws for tax filings, the IRS and FTB or other State(s) may deduct your refunds against your total tax dues or hold up refunds until you fulfill your tax filing requirements for those prior years. Click on the related links below to check your qualified refund status for the latest tax year at the IRS and Franchise Tax Board websites. Due to security and identity theft protections, the IRS or State Taxing Authorities, at their own discretions anytime, may require you to verify your identity if you expect tax refunds. Check related link to verify your identity so you can receive your tax refunds. 


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