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Our Firm Website Accessibility 

Dear Website visitors, please understand our Firm is committed to allowing possible accessible usages of our services for all individuals. Our Firm has taken, and will continue to take any proper or reasonable steps to ensure our Website is useable to those ones with disabilities that may make our Website a bit more challenging to access information with new and constantly changing technologies.

Due to the constant changes of technologies, we have attempted to provide as much accessibility as possible and continue our efforts to constantly improve the accessibility of our Website with confidence that we will serve best when we work together to ensure everyone has access to the information or images of related tax, audit and accounting representation services they may need at any time. 

We understand there may be new emerging technologies that may not work with the technologies we are using, even though we are always keep improving our features. Even with our efforts to make all pages and contents on our Website fully accessible, some contents may not have yet been fully adapted to the strictest and newly emerging accessibility standards.  

We do not want our Website to act as a potential barrier for any person to obtain the related tax, audit and accounting services that they need. We request that anyone who finds this to be an issue or a potential issue, whether they face any disability of any kind or not, let us know of these issues immediately so that we may address properly with them. You can contact our office at (949) 387-4321. Thank you for your understanding!


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