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Nick Pham, CPA, CGMA, CAA, MBA

Mr. Nick Pham is the Firm Managing Partner. Mr. Nick Pham is Board Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). He holds an MBA Degree and is Certified Sarbanes-Oxley (CSOE) Expert. Mr. Nick Pham is the IRS CAA Agent (Certifying Acceptance Agent) and has achieved IRS Forensic Trainings. He has many years of experiences in accounting, taxes, IRS and Franchise Tax Board audits, business laws, business internal control, compliance, inheritance tax advisory and planning. He works with Taxing Authorities & Agencies on complex tax cases, tax audits, back taxes and specializes in all income taxes, tax audits, accounting & advisory for complicated situations. He is a member of AICPA (American Institute Of Certified Public Accountants), SOXCPA & other National & State Tax Professional Organizations. He is awarded with the Highest Achievement Award from Dale Carnegie Academy for Leadership. His persistency, expertise, experiences along with the Firm Team have resolved successfully thousands of difficult tax, business, audit, accounting, back tax cases and situations. 

Kimberly Pham, CAA, EA, MBA

Kimberly Pham, CAA, EA, MBA

As a Managing Partner, Ms. Kimberly Pham is the IRS CAA Agent (Certifying Acceptance Agent). She has achieved IRS Forensic Trainings and is the IRS tax professional Enrolled Agent (EA), licensed by the Internal Revenue Service with Unlimited Rights To Represent Taxpayers before the IRS. She holds both Finance Bachelor Degree and MBA Degree with honors. She specializes in income tax filings, tax examinations & audits along with advisory for individuals and businesses. She is awarded with The Wall Street Journal Award for her finance achievements. She is a member of many National and State Tax Professional Organizations. With a blended expertise and experience from both finance, accounting, tax practices and audit advisory, Ms. Kimberly helps numerous clients with her detail-oriented skills, in-depth number and tactical analysis with best solutions. She manages business bookkeeping services & payroll for all business clients of the Firm. Working alongside with the Firm Team, she has advised and guided many clients in their difficult tax, bookkeeping, audits, and financial situations. 

Professional Team

Professional Team - Tax Accountants

The CPA Corner Team is comprised of selective accountants, tax professionals and other licensed professionals with combined many years of experiences. The Team has in-depth knowledge of tax laws and accounting rules. The CPA Corner Team plays a significant part of achievements of the Firm. Working with all Managing Partners and other Partners, the Team has contributed greatly and connected with clients in Multiple States to guide clients in their taxes, audits and accounting requests if possible. They ensure transactions run properly and in compliance with accounting principles, regulations and Federal & State tax laws and Firm policies. The CPA Corner Team does their best during business hours to respond to clients in a timely manner, helps clients and provides some directions for their questions or concerns within The Team abilities and resources. The CPA Corner Team including The Tax Team & The Legal Team is a big asset of the Firm. They have committed to dedications and practical results.


The CPA Corner, Inc. provides all income tax filings for individuals, businesses, trusts, non-profit, estates, ranging from standard personal income taxes to the most complicated business or specialized taxes. We provide high quality & full electronic service tax preparations to save time and money to clients. In IRS or Franchise Tax Board audit or tax collection cases, we have represented many clients in tax audit, collection, back tax situations and successfully closed their cases. We provide private business & tax advisory consulting and all tax planning with tax projections for individuals, small businesses, companies in complicated or difficult situations from the start to the end. We have helped thousands of clients during their toughest tax times with great solutions. We provide full bookkeeping services,  accounting and other specialized services. With our Firm quality services, clients have a peace of mind and assurance their issues or concerns will be taken good care of. 

Professional Connections

Network: Attorneys, CFAs, CFPs, Bankers

Your success is our goal! Our Firm has a network of various licensed or certified professionals to help you achieve your financial goals when you are in need. We want to ensure you are provided and best served with good services in the most effective ways by trusted professionals. You have opportunities and connections to discuss your case or situations in details with other professionals in other fields with high confidence that you obtain the best solutions for your benefits. If you have some situation, talk to our Firm, Partners or Team and we will help you achieve suitable solutions. To save your time and energy, our network relieves your stresses, uncertainties and searching time. We have been working with other professionals with one common mission: You have a peace of mind that your financial, personal or business and tax goals to be achieved in the way suitable for you.

Best Tax Advisor And Consultant In Irvine Orange County

For any Tax, Audit, Business, Accounting or Bookkeeping concerns or issues, we are with you on every steps. You have consultation sessions with our CPA, CAAs, EAs to assist you to resolve issues. Our Firm provided many years of consultations and tax planning services. Our dynamic services help you fulfill your goals. We have resolved and closed thousands of complicated tax, business, audit, and accounting situations with best results. There is no substitute for our expertise! Leave your tax and business concerns for us, your trusted advisor. From simple to complex consultations, advisory consultations include various types in which:


  • We review, study, analyze your case.   

  • We deliver solutions and recommend best options suitable to your choices.

  • Your concerns will be answered from technical and practical perspectives.

  • Your consultation or planning is customized and professional.

  • Online or Onsite Services.     


Experience Our Expertise!  

Our Professional Services
  • CPA, CAA, Enrolled Agents, Accountants  

  • Full-Service Business & Personal Taxes  

  • Business & Personal Tax Advisory 

  • IRS Audit Resolutions & IRS Back Taxes 

  • Best Financial Advisory For Business 

  • Best Business Compliance For Owners

  • Bookkeeping And Accounting Services  

  • 24/7 Client Account For Existing Clients

  • 24/7 Online Access To Tax Documents

  • E-Signature Services To Sign Tax Forms

  • On-Line Or In-Office Tax/Audit/Advisory

  • Convenient Online Service Payments

Experience A Peace Of Mind! 

IRS Tax Collections & Audits

The IRS collection process is a series of complex enforced actions to collect taxes from taxpayers. Tax collections are the result of, but not limited to, tax audits, examinations, back taxes, etc. The Agency has super powers within its authorities to collect tax debts. When taxpayers do not respond timely to IRS notices or tax payment deadlines have passed, the IRS may proceed with actions such as Collections, Intent to Levy or Seize Taxpayer's Property. Since each case is unique, upon receiving notices, we recommend taxpayers should not ignore them but instead contact us for assistance. From simple cases to complex cases, we will:

  • Contact or meet you for consultations.

  • Review IRS/FTB notices, tax documents and discuss your issues or situations. 

  • Recommend to resolve your case with best suitable options and solutions.

  • Help to defend your case, save taxes.  

  • Your consultation advisory is customized and professional.  

          Experience Our Services!    

  • Customized Chart Of Accounts  

  • Categorize Income & Expense Flows   

  • General Ledger Transaction Postings 

  • Monthly/Quarterly Financial Statements

  • Tax Strategies & Technical Accounting

  • Accounting Adjustments & Clean Up

  • Reconcile Bank & Credit Card Statement  

  • 24/7 Access To Client Online Account

  • Bookkeeping Review & Advisory

  • Convenient Online Service Payments

    Shape Up Your Business Book 

  • Personal Assets & Wealth Protections

  • Own For Yourself A California Business

  • Select California LLCs Or Partnerships

  • Own California C-Corporations 

  • Register Business With Federal & State 

  • Know Requirements & Regulations 

  • Best Advisory & Planning For Owners 

  • Bookkeeping/Tax Filings For Owners 

  • 24/7 Access To Client Online Account

  • Convenient Online Service Payments


    Form Your Suitable Business 

  • Accounting For Business Operations  

  • Accounting For Litigation Valuations

  • Accounting For Divorce Assets 

  • Accounting For 1031 Exchange

  • Bookkeeping Review For Tax Savings 

  • Family Full Budgeting & Planning 

  • ITIN Services For Non-Residents 

  • Advisory For Business Non-Residents 

  • 24/7 Online Access To Tax Documents

  • 24/7 Online Convenient Payments


 Where Quality Meets Expertise!

What Our Clients Say...

★★★★★ (Yojana T.)

"I'm so thankful to have found The CPA Corner team, this is my 3rd year with them and I never have to worry about a thing when it comes to tax season! They remind me when I need to upload documents to start my tax return, I submit everything online on their secure, easy-to-use site, and they call me within a business day if I'm missing anything or to answer questions. It's good to know that Nick and Kimberly always have their client's best interests in mind -- thank you Kimberly for giving me a call before tax season started to get me prepared and answering all my questions in regards my 401-K and IRA!

★★★★★ (Beautiful Smiles, Inc.)

"The CPA Corner Firm is a a great and helpful firm that I am using right now. Ms. Kimberly and her team is very knowledgeable about taxes. I had asked her to help me out with my business tax and personal taxes in a short period of time. She was willing to help and resolve everything to me. I am truly happy with their services and communication. Thank you."

★★★★★ (Haylee D.)

"Kimberly is AMAZING! I had so many issues with my tax returns last year and had a few special conditions for my tax returns this year. She bent over backwards to help me and I greatly appreciate it! I will definitely be recommending their services to my friends and family, thank you so much CPA Corner!!!"

★★★★★ (Anne C.)

"We got a big problem from IRS audit when we moved to Irvine this July. I need a very good accountant to resolve the issue. I checked on line and found Nick. He has good customer reviews and is a expert in IRS audit case. Our case is complicated because it involved previous accountant mistakes, our different responses to IRS in different tax years. I met with Nick and discussed our case. He spent a lot of time to study and accepted our case. I went to his office many times to discuss it. He also represented us to call IRS to communicate and figure out a better way to appeal our case. When the IRS rejected our first appeal, he didn't give up. He discussed with us and called the IRS again. He decided to do the amended appeal. Finally, we won the case after 5 months fighting back! If it were not helped by Nick, we would pay a huge tax and penalty and accumulate bigger problem later. He saved us money from back taxes and his fee was reasonable. Most importantly, he saved us from IRS stressful audit in a big favor!".

★★★★★ (D & T.)

Nick and his staff have been fabulous. They know the laws and fought hard for our 2 IRS Audits. They won both our audits saving us over 100K in what the IRS was erroneously trying to say we owed. They will be doing all of our tax returns every year from now on to be sure we have everything in proper order. Much cheaper than a Tax Attorney! Highly recommend to anyone who is having issues with the IRS or just general tax returns."

★★★★★ (Jay A.)

"Nick and his team deserve more than just a 5 star. He is very efficient and thorough. He was able to answer all my questions and I feel confident in his knowledge with my IRS issues. He goes straight to the point and is honest. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a good CPA. Will continue doing business with him."

★★★★★ (Peete W.)

"Thank you Nick, Tina and the whole team to get large tax withholding refunds for our family from selling our properties in the US. It is worth the time to wait we finally get all our money back plus interest from the IRS and California. Thank you very much. You are the best CPA in town!"

★★★★★ (Norman S.)

"I had the most complex challenging tax situation that needed correction from 2014. Nick and his staffs handled well the challenges of the taxes and also helped me feel relaxed. He is not only an excellent tax advisor but also an amazingly patient man. He is the best tax professional I have ever worked with!"

★★★★★ (Antonio V.)

"Very responsive team, helpful and able to resolve our issue! We were so overwhelmed with our chaotic taxes this year but Nick & The CPA Corner team saved us big time. Thanks a lot!"

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