The Professional Partner

Mr. Nick Pham is a Managing Partner of the Firm. Mr. Nick Pham is both Board Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). He holds an MBA Degree and is a Certified Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Expert. Mr. Nick Pham is the IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA). He has many years of experiences in accounting, taxes, tax audits, business structures, business internal control, compliance and tax advisory. He works regularly with Taxing Authorities on client tax audit, back tax cases and specializes in all income taxes & accounting & advisory for complex situations. He is a member of AICPA (American Institute Of Certified Public Accountants) and is awarded with the Highest Achievement Award from Dale Carnegie Academy for Leadership. Working with The Team, he resolved many complicated tax cases and successfully closed hundreds of audit cases and back tax cases.  

The Professional Partner

As a Managing Partner, Ms. Kimberly Pham is the IRS CAA (Certifying Acceptance Agent) and tax professional Enrolled Agent (EA), licensed by the Internal Revenue Service with Unlimited Rights To Represent Taxpayers before the IRS. She holds a Finance & Accounting (BA) Degree and an MBA Degree. She specializes in income tax filings, tax examinations & audits along with advisory for individuals and businesses. She has been honored with The Wall Street Journal Award at graduation with honors for her achievements. She is a member of many National and State Tax Professional Organizations. With a blended expertise and experience from both finance, tax practices and audit advisory, Ms. Kimberly helps clients with her detail-oriented skills, in-depth number analysis and tax solutions. She handles business for bookkeeping services & payroll rules and compliance. Working with The Firm's Team, she has guided various numerous clients in their difficult tax and financial situations.  

The Professional Team

The CPA Corner Team is comprised of selected accountants, tax professionals with combined many years of experiences. The team has in-depth knowledge of tax laws and accounting rules. The CPA Corner Team plays a significant part of achievements of the Firm. Working with all Managing Partners, the Team has contributed greatly and connected with clients in various roles to guide clients in their taxes, audits and accounting requests. They ensure all transactions run properly and in compliance with accounting principles, regulations and Federal & State tax laws. The CPA Corner Team responds to clients in a timely manner, helps clients and provides directions for their questions or concerns. The Team is a big asset of the Firm. They have committed to professionalism and practical results.

The Professional Services

The CPA Corner, Inc. provides all income tax filings for individuals, businesses, trusts, non-profit, estates, ranging from standard personal income taxes to the most complicated business or specialized taxes. We provide high quality & full electronic service tax preparations to save time and money to clients. In IRS or Franchise Tax Board audit or back tax cases, we have represented many clients in tax audit or back tax situations and successfully closed their cases. We provide private advisory or consultations and tax planning with tax projections for individuals and business owners, complicated tax situations, either personal or business. We have helped numerous clients during their toughest tax times with solutions. We provide bookkeeping services and accounting services per client's request.